Thursday, June 4, 2009

On the trail of ...

In a post the other day, I noted that a reader from Massachusetts asked if I knew anything about “koolunja.” He said it is a type of chorag made by Armenians from Kharpert, with a dry, firm texture, and a triangular shape. My husband turned up the similar-sounding “kalonji,"which are black seeds. Another reader, Adriana, has responded to that. "I believe that the seed is commonly known as black onion seed. My mother used it on Khatha (another Armenian bread)." In the meantime, I stumbled upon a recipe in our FL church newsletter called Kooroonja, (Old Fashioned Chorag) which sounded very much like what the Mass. reader was inquiring about- dry texture, sprinkled with sesame or black seeds, and cut into diamond shapes. So, I shared this with him. He responded by saying his sister in CA says the name is really Koolunja (not Kooroonja), although some people may spell things differently- and that "Koolunja" appears in a CA Armenian church's cookbook by that name. He said his wife, who doesn't know koolunja, thinks it has the consistency of Simit. Dear Readers, any other comments? Meanwhile, we're still following leads on koolunja.

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