Monday, June 1, 2009

Summertime on Armenian time will be doing a bit of traveling from time to time throughout the summer, sampling Armenian recipes in such far-off and exotic locales as...New Jersey.

What's that? You don't think New Jersey is an Armenian culinary hot spot? You're wrong. We both grew up there, so we know about the many hidden (and not so hidden) markets and farms chock full of fresh ingredients -- plus some terrific restaurants.

But best of all, we're going to rely on the kindness of friends and relatives who have offered to share not only their tables but their treasured recipes.

And of course, we'll be sharing those recipes with you as we relay reports of our adventures. All we ask is your patience as we take some time to get from here to there, wherever here or there might be.

We'll be posting items every other day throughout the summer, although we'll update daily if events require.

So please keep checking to see what's on the menu.

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