Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keeping things cool with Tahn

It might not be hot where you are, but -- believe me -- Florida is HOT, a good portion of the year.

So, we try to keep things cool - not just with air conditioning and ceiling fans, but with food, too.

Madzoon, plain yogurt, is always in our refrigerator. One of our favorite hot-weather remedies is Tahn, drinkable yogurt.

Here's how to prepare Tahn:

add enough water to the plain yogurt, so that it’s thin enough to drink. Crush a little mint, sprinkle a touch of salt, if you like, give it a swirl, and an ice cube.

How easy is that?


  1. Does this have any application involving rum?

  2. I put a tiny tiny drop of peppermint extract. . sandy

  3. I had some Armenian friends when I lived in CA. They would something similar during the summers, only it had cucumber in it. Would that be a family variation on this, or is there a cucumber drink and I'm just not aware of it's name?

    1. There is an Armenian recipe called jajik (jajuk) - more of a cucumber-yogurt soup. Spellings vary greatly among Armenian regions, so it might be called something else as well. In any case, check out the recipe for Jajik:

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