Sunday, March 6, 2011

Food, Fun and Festivities

These past two weekends in South Florida brought together  Armenians and non-Armenians to share in the food, fun and festivities of our unique culture. 

St. David Armenian Church, Boca Raton, and St. Mary Armenian Church, Cooper City staggered their events in order to draw crowds from both communities -a wise decision. We attended both, as did countless others, to dine, dance, discover new friendships, and re-discover old ones. 

Vendors set our their wares to entice buyers; fortunes were read in Armenian coffee cups. Both festivals had music - for entertainment and dancing - provided by The Mediterraneans, an international band.

Of course, we came home with an arm-load of Armenian bread, cheese, olives and other goodies to keep us in the spirit -- and maybe you think that would be enough for a while. Hah! 

We're headed out now for the annual Homenetmen picnic just down the road in search of a just a little more fun...and, of course, some khorovats!

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