Sunday, May 29, 2011

Did you see this? Anthony Bourdain on Armenian food

 Butter-basted Baby Sparrow
Somehow, this got past me. I thought I saw the episode of Anthony Bourdain's Travel Channel show that featured Lebanon, but I must have wandered out of the room at the wrong time.

This video clip came our way from the ArmenianArchives YouTube channel. It shows the famous chef/writer/traveler eating at Onno, an Armenian restaurant in Beirut.
Much of this food is instantly familiar to me, although the names are a little hard to  recognize as relayed by Bourdain's companion in what seems to be a British accent.

It's always fun to see Armenian food get international attention, especially on a popular TV show. It all looks delicious.

One dish that wasn't on Mom's menu when I was growing up: butter-basted baby sparrows.
Of course, I immediately thought of Lucine Kasbarian's book, The Greedy Sparrow, based on an Armenian folk tale. Obviously, this is a bird with special meaning in the Armenian culture -- and, if you read the story, one that definitely deserves to be eaten.

I'll pass, though. The rest of the meal looks good enough to satisfy me for a week.


  1. Thanks for this post. It reminded my of my father's memory on eating sparrows in Marash. Go to my blog post for tomorrow at, "People were so hungry, they ate sparrows: The Armenian Genocide, 1915-1922"

  2. Thank you Douglas, ONNO is my father's restaurant
    visit our page on Facebook: ONNO Restaurant