Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cuisine Information Request: Adapazari and Kungular. Can Anyone Help?

At the end of May a reader commented on our post about Bulgur Pilaf – Dikranagerdtsi-style:

She wrote: “ mother came from Adpapazar... I wonder if there are any recipes or ways of cooking from that area?? Also, what about people who originated from Kungular which is 60 miles south of Istanbul.”

My curiousity piqued; I emailed her in return:
“When I read your comment, it got me thinking. I don't have any information about the regions you've mentioned, but I'll happily (do some research) and post your request for our general readership to see if anyone can help.
Are you sure of the spellings you gave me? It would be most helpful in the search.

Adapazari Squash Photo from Giants Forum
 What I did discover (from Wikipedia) is that there has been an Armenian community in Adapazari since 1608. There is a variety of squash called 'Adapazari winter squash' which grows quite large, has a gray exterior with large ribs, and is very tasty when steamed with butter, salt and pepper. I know there is a borag (borek) by this name, but haven't found a specific recipe (for it).”
I haven't come across any useful information about Kungular.”

Audience, here’s where I need your help … if anyone has an answer to this reader’s request, please email me: Thanks!


  1. My great-grandmother was from Adapazar, and she made this dessert using the Adapazar squash. Here in the USA she substituted the Adapazar squash with banana squash. I wish I had the recipe. My mother recalls watching her make it-she shredded the squash, mixed is sugar, cinnamon, etc. She rolled it up in a homemade phyllo dough, and would coil it around in a round pan. It was shaped like bourma, and she would serve it with a type of khadayif-style syrup. My mother said it was heavenly. If you can track down a recipe like that, please post. I am trying to cajole my mother into seeing if she can recreate it by memory.

    1. I'll do my best to find a recipe, but if nothing comes up, may I post your request? A reader might be able to help.

  2. Dear Anonymous, In response to your request above, I did some internet searching and found a recipe which uses phyllo dough, squash, sugar, etc. Check this out, and let me know if I'm on the right track: I'd love to hear back from you via email, so please contact me: Thanks!

  3. Yes, please repost my request and I will check out the link. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Denise T. Dardarian

  4. For the past 14 months, I have tried to locate seeds for a variety of winter squash known as ADAPAZARI. So far, no luck. Can anyone help? Kate Jantz-Koprivnik, President, GARDEN CLUB OF OLYMPIA. Email: