Friday, November 25, 2011

Making Boorma using a Unique Technique!

Aunt Arpie's Traditional Boorma
Now that the holiday season is here, I’ll bet some of you are planning to do some serious baking. A long time ago we posted a story and video on making boorma featuring my Aunt Arpie and her yummy recipe.

Bruce Hall's unique-technique Boorma
The other day, a comment from Bruce Hall (he’s part Armenian!) appeared at the end of our boorma story that really got me excited. Bruce’s mother’s side of the family (the Armenian side) made their boorma without a dowel – that’s right, without a dowel! Another difference is that they replace the sugar syrup  with pure honey. Check out his family’s recipe and unique method of making and shaping this incredible dessert.

Thanks for sharing, Bruce!


  1. This site is SUCH a great cooking reference. I'm half Armenian and feel as if I learn a little bit more about my culture when I read your blog.

  2. Thanks so much. Kim! That's the main purpose of our blog.