Monday, March 12, 2012

Michink - Median Day of Lent

What is Mid-Lent – Michink?  
  • Michink falls on a Wednesday.
  • It is not a feast day.
  • The same Wednesday Lenten services are performed on this day.  
  • Michink is celebrated during the middle of lent  to encourage people to persevere until the end of lent.
  • During this celebration, women would insert a coin into a pastry (gata or pagharch) and whoever receives the slice (of pastry) with the coin in it would receive good luck.
  • A special sandwich, Michink Koutap, is also prepared on this day.
For a more in-depth account of Michink, please click here.
Michink pastry preparation
Michink pastries


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  1. Good Morning - I was hoping you have a recipe for Tahn Hatz to share. The only recipe I have is for massive amounts for Bake Sale purposes. I'm not good at breaking down the amounts to make a dozen or two.Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi there! Do you mean 'tahin' bread? If so, I can help. I'll send it to you if can provide me with an email address. Please contact me - Thanks!

  2. I'm assuming the Tahn Hatz is the Michink pastry? I would love that recipe too!

  3. If tahn hatz is tahin hatz, I'll do a posting of the recipe soon.

  4. Hi darling. Can I get the recipe pleas?liza

    1. Try these recipes: