Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Armenian Bread Recipe Request

Calling all bakers of Armenian bread…
Debbie Graves is looking for a recipe for an Armenian sweet bread - it is a flat (2-3 inches high) and about 10-12 inches diameter. She said it seems to have a filling or a softer sweeter layer - similar to the gata that’s rolled up and cut in sections.
I requested more information; Debbie complied:
 “The bread was given to me as a gift, from an Indian (India) friend. She was given the recipe by an Armenian friend of hers. Her friend was from Armenia; they met in Dubai.  It goes great with hot tea or coffee. The center is sort of sweet; the bread is not really sweet, it’s just a wonderful bread!”

That’s all I have for you. If anyone reading this has a recipe suggestion for Debbie, please email:
Many Thanks!

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  1. My grandmother and father make loads of Gata, once a year! The style they prepare is more like a dry cookie, or really like a scone. The outer layer is a less sweet dough, and the centre is a sweet, grainy crumble. I have seen many other versions of gata as well. When we go to California, the gata they have is fluffier like you are describing it. I think Persians prepare it that way too and also call it Gata. Hope that helps. I don't have the recipe, but will need to get it soon! It's quite the production from what I remember!