Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Golden Opportunity!! Please read on...

In my last post, I announced the publication of Sonia Tashjian’s new Armenian cookbook, “HAYGAGAN AVANTAGAN KHOHANOTS” –“Armenian Traditional Cuisine”, the catch being that it’s written completely in Armenian.
For those of us unable to read or write in our mother language, this poses a problem.

Sonia's new cookbook

Sonia Tashjian offered the following service in a comment at the end of that post :
“I'll be so glad if a volunteer helps me to translate some of them. I will send her/him the recipe in Armenian, then we will ask Robyn to publish it in her website of course with the picture. Thank you.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we must not pass up this golden opportunity!
If anyone reading this can translate from Armenian into English, and is willing to work with Sonia and The Armenian Kitchen, please contact me at: robyn@thearmeniankitchen.com, and I will send your contact information to Sonia. Perhaps we, as a team, can preserve even more precious Armenian recipes. 

What do you say, any volunteers??

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