Saturday, November 9, 2013

Recipe Search: Adapazar squash in phyllo dough – a coiled boorma-type of dessert

An anonymous request came in for an unnamed recipe with a description that was unfamiliar to me. Please review the reader’s request, and my reply.

Adapazari Squash

The recipe’s background and request:
“My great-grandmother was from Adapazar, and she made this dessert using the Adapazar squash. Here in the USA she substituted the Adapazar squash with banana squash. I wish I had the recipe. My mother recalls watching her make it-she shredded the squash, mixed is sugar, cinnamon, etc. She rolled it up in a homemade phyllo dough, and would coil it around in a round pan. It was shaped like bourma, and she would serve it with a type of khadayif-style syrup. My mother said it was heavenly. If you can track down a recipe like that, please post. I am trying to cajole my mother into seeing if she can recreate it by memory.”

My reply:
“In response to your request above, I did some internet searching and found a recipe which uses phyllo dough, pumpkin or squash, sugar, etc. Check this out, and let me know if I'm on the right track.

Since I haven't heard back, I don't know for sure if this recipe is similar to the one on question.  

If anyone can shed some light on this recipe, please send an email to: Thanks!

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