Saturday, December 14, 2013

Confused about pagharch, baghaj, gata, and nazook? Perhaps this information will help...

In response to my post about the confusion surrounding pagharch, bagahj, and so on, Pam Aghababian offered her family’s interpretation on the recipe names in question.

Pam said:

"My family uses these words in the following ways: 
Khoritz refers to the filling used in Barbara's Hovsepian’s (baghaj) recipe.
Nazook is a cookie, close to a rugelach, that looks like the finished product in that recipe.
Gata (katah) uses no filling (khoritz); it is almost like a croissant, except that instead of using a *laminated dough*, you roll the dough out very thin and then roll it in on itself."
Laminated Dough (Image from
NOTE:  A *laminated dough* is created by alternating layers of dough and butter when making pastry.

Pam continued:
"However, none of these refer to an unleavened flatbread made without salt (as defined in Irina Petrosian’s book – Armenian Food: Fact, Fiction, and Folkore in reference to bagharj) So, is (Irina's description of bagharj) the same as the Armenian cracker bread you can find in stores?"

Ah, more questions!

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