Wednesday, July 1, 2015

White Apricots – or - Angelcots®

Angelcots® from Trader Joe's
As Doug and I strolled through our local Trader Joe’s last week, we noticed a display of luscious apricots. Upon closer examination, we realized that these cuties were actually white apricots, also known as Angelcots®. We made our purchase, took our first sweet, juicy bite, and immediately became hooked!

Angelcots® are grown in northern California by a single grower, their season is short – from mid-June through July, and are sold mainly at Trader Joe’s, some Whole Foods stores, and select Kroger stores. Suggestion: Check with the store before you go.

These are best eaten as-is, but feel free to use them as you would an apricot in recipes. Since their season is so short, you might try your hand at drying some for later use, or turning them into a jam or preserve.
Watch this video from www.Frieda’ to get some Angelcot® ideas – and – enjoy!

If you're looking for a really simple recipe using Angelcots®, try my creation featured below.
Honey-Yogurt with Grilled Angelcots®  ready to serve!
Honey-Yogurt with Grilled Angelcots® 
Serves 4

11/2 to 2 cups Greek-style plain yogurt mixed with 2 to 3 Tbsp. honey
2 to 4 Angelcots®, pitted and cut in half (The amount of fruit you use  will depend on their size.)
Ground cinnamon
Vegetable oil
Extra honey to drizzle on top, optional

Grilled Angelcots®
1.  Lightly coat a grill pan with cooking spray and preheat on a medium setting. Alternately, use a Panini-style grill but be careful not to squash the fruit with the weight of the lid. I used my good-old George Forman countertop grill.

2.  Brush  or spray Angelcot® halves with a little vegetable oil. Sprinkle cinnamon on the flat side of each half. Place fruit cut-side down on grill pan. Cook Angelcots® for 2 minutes on one side; flip, then heat for one more minute, or until slightly softened (but not mushy!) and lightly grilled. Remove from pan and cool. (No need to flip if using a press.)

3. In a mixing bowl, combine the yogurt and honey.
4. Divide sweetened yogurt among four serving bowls. Top each with one grilled Angelcot® half. Place a tiny dollop of yogurt in the center of each Angelcot® half and garnish with a berry of your choice. Drizzle with additional honey, if desired.

5. Serve immediately.

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