Monday, August 17, 2015

How to Roast a Head (or more) of Garlic

Mutabbal with Lavash
I made mutabbal (baba ghanoush) again, but this time, I used roasted garlic instead of fresh garlic cloves in the recipe. Since I was already using the oven to roast the eggplant, I figured why not roast a head of garlic at the same time? 

It’s really easy to do, and the garlic turns out soft, sweet, and spreadable.
Roasted Garlic
Directions for Roasting a Head of Garlic:

1. Preheat oven - or toaster oven - to 425 degrees F.
Garlic ready for roasting
2. Slice off the top of the garlic head to expose the tops of the cloves. Do not remove the outer skin, but do leave the head intact. Place the head of garlic on a piece of foil and drizzle olive oil over the cut surface the garlic. Gently rub in the oil.

3. Wrap garlic tightly with foil and place on a cookie sheet (or use the cups of a muffin tin, if you are roasting multiple heads of garlic) and bake until tender and fragrant, about 30-35 minutes.
Roasted garlic ready to use
4. Remove from the oven and let cool in the foil. Peel any loose papery skins off of the garlic, then gently squeeze each clove to extract the softened garlic.

Use in any recipe you wish, or simply spread on crusty bread!


  1. Did using the roasted garlic change the flavor of baba ghanoush at all?

    1. Roasted garlic is mild and somewhat sweet which differs from the sharp, pungent taste of fresh garlic. So, yes, the flavor of the roasted garlic baba ghanoush isn't as robust, but it's still mighty tasty!