Friday, November 4, 2016

Recipe Search: Trying to track down a soup recipe lovingly called 'Beans-Leaf Soup'. Can anyone help?

Linda D. made a recipe request which, quite frankly, has me stumped. Her recollection, being a bit vague, is making the hunt challenging. I’ve scoured my resources, and sent messages to my go-to foodie contacts in Los Angeles and Yerevan. While I continue to search, and hopefully receive more details from Linda, I am reaching out to you in the hunt for her lost family recipe.

Here is the description Linda provided:

“I am looking for a soup recipe my grandmother made that was a favorite of mine. We called it Beans-leaf soup. The soup was chicken stock with onion and yogurt and prunes. The beans leaves were wrapped around farina-like dumplings that were about the size of a woman's small finger. That's all I can remember. Does anyone have the recipe? Thank you!”

If Linda’s recipe rings anyone’s bell, please email me:

Once the recipe has been found, and I hope it will be, it can be posted for eternity!

Thanks, everyone!

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